7 ways to take care of your health during winter according to Chinese medicine

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Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on seasonal health care. Because it is considered a principle related to the basic idea that Humans and nature are one. Therefore, today we would like to share with you 7 ways to take care of your health during the winter according to Chinese medicine. I took it and followed along.

7 ways to take care of your health during winter according to Chinese medicine

1. Drink lots of warm water.
Even though during the winter there is less urine excretion than usual, women should drink plenty of water. Because our brain and internal organs still need to use water for the functioning of various systems, it is therefore recommended to drink plenty of warm water. to warm the inside of the body and keeps the body from lacking nourishment It also helps prevent dryness from the air well.

During the winter, girls You should move your body to sweat. and to allow blood to flow throughout the body It is recommended to move the body and stop the body properly. Or moving your body to a level that causes sweating is enough. But excessive exercise is not recommended. Because it will waste the accumulated energy. This goes against the principle of preserving yang energy and causes the pores to open. It is a factor that can bring disease into the ทางเข้า ufabet body.

3. Pay attention to disease prevention.
during cold weather People with chronic diseases are more likely to have their body deteriorate. Therefore, you must protect yourself to prevent disease or make existing disease symptoms worse by keeping your body warm enough. Be careful of strong winds. and rapid temperature fluctuations Including the need to exercise gently, do not overdo it.

4. Adjust mood and mind
 During the winter, people tend to have a cold mood. Because the body’s metabolic process is less. depressed mental state Makes you feel easily annoyed And there is often a lot of internal pressure. Therefore, you must prepare your mind well. Try to go for a walk, read a book, or do some other activity. To always relax.

5. Go to bed early.
During the winter it is necessary to go to bed early. and wake up a bit late Because during the winter The daytime hours are shorter than the nighttime hours. The sun will rise later than usual. Going to bed early helps prevent wasted energy. It also helps nourish and preserve Yang energy well.

6. Nourish the body
Nurturing the body during the winter must be nourished in accordance with each person’s body, based on the principle of one person, one method. For example, people with yang deficiency must eat foods such as goat meat, beef, and chicken meat, while people with blood, energy, and yin deficiency will. You must choose to eat duck meat and goose meat. As for people who cannot eat food that has a hot or cold effect Choose to eat herbs such as goji, black jujube, black sesame, wood ear mushrooms, peanuts, and vine pulp.

7. Take care of your feet
Traditional Chinese medicine has said that The cold starts from under your feet. Therefore, during the winter you must take good care of your feet. That’s because the foot is the lowest part of the body, has less fat and is less warm than the rest. In addition, the feet are an area that has more than 60 acupuncture points. It is a path where approximately 6 wind lines meet. Keeping the feet warm therefore warms the body. Therefore, it is not strange that during the winter the girls You must take good care of your feet.

It’s winter time, ladies, don’t forget to use these 7 methods of taking care of yourself according to Chinese medicine to take care of your health and stay strong and not get sick or get sick easily. It is believed to help keep girls’ bodies healthy, even during periods when the weather is often conducive to illness.