Sevilla ready to bring Martial to the team

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Sevilla are set to make an offer to Manchester United to consider immediately. For Anthony Martial on a permanent deal. After having performed brilliantly despite joining on a contract loan.

Although he used to be the main character of Manchester United before. Anthony Martial’s performance was not that good. The number of goals was much fewer than before causing Manchester United. Until news of the transfer came out continuously. Although there were many. The team made an offer to Manchester United to consider. But Sevilla eventually brought in Anthony Martial.

And as soon as he moved to Sevilla. Anthony Martial’s performance began to improve significantly. It was given the opportunity to enter the field continuously. It took several weeks to return to the field. But with a very satisfactory performance. Sevilla are preparing to make an offer for Manchester United to consider for Anthony Martial. Join the ยูฟ่าเบท team on a permanent contract immediately after the 2021/22 season.

Which Manchester United have no problem with the release of Anthony Martial from the team because even if he stays still not sure if he will get a chance to start the field again and Manchester. Terry United have plans to bring in a new striker. Making the release of Anthony Martial the best option for all sides especially.