Review of Hot Spin game from CQ9 online slots camp with recommended techniques

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Review of Hot Spin Slot Online game from CQ9 camp, designed for low budget gamblers. But want to get money from playing Hot Spin fire wheel slots, online slots that are easy to play, fun and have a chance to win up to 200 times the prize money in every round of spinning the wheel. with free spins and multiplier winnings

Review of the game Hot Spin, the fire-wind wheel slot game of CQ9 camp. Small investment, easy to play, gives a lot of bonuses.

Hot Spin a 3-reel 5-column 20-payline slot game from CQ9. Designed to have the easiest playing process. Just select the bet amount and press the spin button. to randomly find 3 identical symbols, each with a different high payout rate. There is also a chance to win free spins with a chance to win up to 200 times your winnings.

Wind wheel slot game There are symbols and payout rates as follows:

Hot Spin Game Review

Slot Hot Spin payout symbols have a total of 8 symbols with different patterns. For the payout rate will start at 10 – 4000 baht.

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Attribute or wheel of fire If 3 identical reels are placed from left to right 2, 3, 4, the player will receive a bonus in the Spin Bonus Game slot. Ready to receive a minimum bet of 5x, up to 200x, giving players the opportunity to receive bonus rewards.

Review of how to play the game, Fire Wind, Hot Spin, online slots make you rich.

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First step, enter your name, member code and press login. to go to the main website

Hot Spin Game Review

When entering the main page, select the mode “Slot Games” CQ9 camp and select Hot Spon game.

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In the Hot Spin game page, there are 4 main buttons:

  1. plus button on the right Press to increase bet
  2. Delete button on the right. Press to reduce the bet.
  3. Spin button in the middle right Press to start the game.
  4. Three buttons on the left are for various settings within the game.
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Start the game, press spin and wait to win the winning result. Fire wind wheel slot. Just get all the symbols according to the winning line. Get instant rewards

And all this is a review of the game HotSpin, an attractive online slot of CQ9, a famous slot game camp. By starting with a minimum bet of only 4 baht, you can win a maximum prize of 2000. The more you invest, the more money multiplier you will get. If you are interested in playing Slot Online games for real money, just apply for a membership with sagame, a popular gambling game source that is available 24 hours a day. If you interested membership with us UFABET