Review of Chicky Parm Parm game from CQ9 online slots camp with recommended techniques

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Chicky Parm Game Review Chicky Parm that is easy to play and has a unique style. Outstanding in graphics Vivid images and realistic sound effects The game also uses the Cluster Pays mechanism with the opportunity to get more free games and payouts.

Chicky Parm Parm. Lucky chicks. Easy to play. High payout rate.

A unique game from CQ9 that has created ChickyParmParm. by bringing Chicky cartoon characters as the main theme by designing cartoon characters in the game with bright colors that are easy on the eyes which the creator has developed a play style that is different from The rewards that players will receive in addition to the bets. There is also a chance for free bonuses to help make the prize money more valuable.

What types of Chicky Parm Parm payout symbols are there?

Chicky Parm Parm Game Review

There are 3 levels of lucky chicks betting odds booster symbols starting from colorful balls until it develops into cartoon characters respectively: Chicken, Hippo, Frog, Bear, Fox. Each animal has different payout rates. different Therefore, if the player wants the prize money to increase. Just give 3 or more identical symbols in a row to receive a multiplier of up to 100,000 baht.

Reward Upgrade Symbols

Chicky Parm Parm

Chicky Palm or Lucky Chick Game is open to bet a total of 3 rounds, with each round appearing 3 upgrade symbols, namely hammer, serverboard and pink heart. The game starts at level 1 and ends. At level 3, after 3 rounds are complete, the game will cycle back to level 1 again. In each round the player has to collect 15 of these symbols. In addition to being promoted in the next turn, there will also be rewards. up to 100,000 baht

Games Free Spins Slots Chicky Palm

CQ9 Online Slots

The free game symbol is a cartoon chick with rainbow colors on the wheel. Players are awarded free spins starting at 10 rounds and during the free spins players are eligible to win multipliers ranging from x1-x5.

Rules for playing lucky chicks, Chicky Palms

To win a game of Chickpeas or Leading Chicks on a square of 4×4,5×5, 6×6 by randomly drawing 4 or more of the same symbols in the square. Can receive rewards according to the symbol of the payout rate that the game has specified. If you can complete 3 levels, you can choose to play on Auto1 and Auto2, which the system will spin the slot automatically. Placing bets, players can choose a minimum bet of 30 baht with a multiplier from x3 up to x2500 times.

ChickyParmParm Game Review How to play online slots at Chicky Palm

First, enter your username and password with verification code to access the main page.

Chicky Parm Parm

When entering the main web page, go to “Slot Games” mode and choose CQ9 camp.

Chicky Parm Parm Game Review

Enter the CQ9 game camp page and click on the ChickyParm game. The system will lead the player to the ChickyParm slot game page.

CQ9 Online Slots

Within the game there is a menu of options used in the settings as follows.

  1. Start = Press to start the game.
  2. Auto = Autoplay button
  3. Auto = Autoplay button
  4. Bet Level = Set the minimum bet level to x3 and the maximum to x2500.
  5. Total Bet= The box shows the total bet amount.
  6. Credit = the player’s total balance
  7. Win = Show playable amount
  8. When winning, the screen shows the multiplier and the amount of the prize that the player has received.

After getting to know the settings menu Then let’s start the game, just press the Start button and wait for the prize. Techniques to win the game Chicky Palm that helps increase your chances of winning. Depends on the stake, the higher the bet, the greater the chance of winning.

It’s over for the review of the game Chicky Parm Parm, an online slot for real money from CQ9 that has a unique playing style. Have fun with cute lucky chick cartoon characters with all three levels of development. If anyone is interested, they can enter. Register with UFABET , an online gambling website that combines Slot Online from a famous gaming camp that is open 24 hours a day.