Moyes was satisfied even though the team couldn’t get the win.

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West Ham United manager David Moyes is pleased with the personal performance of his players in the latest game. That has clearly improved despite West Ham United’s failure to secure a win.

Losing to Southampton in the FA Cup appears to have had a considerable effect on the mentality of West Ham United’s players. West Ham United’s race for top-four spots will have to collect points. To get as much as possible from the remaining 11 matches. But facing Liverpool is not an easy task at all. Plus Liverpool are on the way to win the championship as well. Which Liverpool is full of sending the main players to the field in its entirety only to hope to keep winning.

Despite West Ham United’s performance Liverpool were clearly the dominant side. Took the lead from Sadio Mane in the 27th minute before snatching a win over West Ham United. Narrowly, but David Moyes was very pleased with the personal performance of the team in the latest match. David Moyes in an interview: “I am personally very happy to see the players have improved even though we lost. Again, but at least we had a lot of chances to score goals.”

“Wrong in the middle of the week where we couldn’t get the ball into the box and the chances of scoring were very few, but in the last game everyone performed very well, especially Mikhail Antonio, who almost Scored many goals, unfortunately we were unable to score goals at ยูฟ่าเบท .”