Casino Tips : How to deal with the excitement when gamble in the casino and online gambling

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My late mentor, the Atlantic City legend known as the Captain of Dice, taught me many concepts about online gambling and casino gambling. One of the most important ideas is that gambling in casinos has to be. “Dealing with the excitement of gamble in the casino

“We cannot bet too little because it will not be exciting. Betting too low is not a bet,” he said. “Betting too low can be boring and not worth your time.”

“People with money don’t enjoy betting on roulette, craps, blackjack or any other casino game. With just a few bucks, but he might have a heart attack if he had to bet half his fortune at once with the dealer having an edge on him. People who are not crazy about gambling may see it as too risky.”

“It might be too risky to go into the high stakes, even with a slight advantage over a casino.”

Therefore, how much people will bet there must be something exciting, a feeling of excitement over the risk of losing their bet. But the excitement can’t be a disaster if it’s played out. Because it would be all fun. That’s not just a disappointment. But it was a serious blow that no one wanted.

gamble in the casino

There are 3 types of casino players.

  1. is someone who has a real advantage in the game and manages the money properly.
  2. Good players who don’t bet too much, even if some don’t always make the best bets compared to the house edge they’re playing with.
  3. the poorest player who are unable to manage their money These types of players are always causing themselves trouble.

Player advantage in the casino

with a high chance of winning These players will be able to Manage the money in their hand, both increasing and decreasing the bet to always have an advantage. provided that they had to have enough money compared to their bets. They need to have enough money in their hands when they think about solving the game to place their bets.

These players will make money from the casinos not relying on most players’ gambling but by using their skills. for example Counting cards when playing baccarat in a casino or playing online slots techniques They won’t let go when things go wrong and won’t get too excited if the unexpected happens. They will always know what they are doing. Most casino gamblers are not interested in trying these types of players. because it’s too cumbersome

Regular players in casinos


second type of player or call this type of player “Normal players” are the majority of casino players. These players can choose how much to wager they will never get bored or shock.

A bet of just 50 baht can get tiresome for this type of player as he will have to wager at least one more to keep it exciting. But they actually set the total amount wagered in each round, each day or each time they entered the casino. This type of player knows how much he can lose. In a nutshell, normal players can manage their money pretty well no matter how lucky or unlucky they are.

Poor poor players who gamble in the casino

Gamble in Casino-02

The 3rd player is these bad gamblers. Or these casino gamblers who deserve to take a break and figure out the best way to bet according to the amount they really have. They are not troublemakers, they are just ignorant people who gamble in vain with excess money.

If a player wakes up in the morning and thinks “How much did I bet last night?” or “Can’t believe I lost this much.” They didn’t just lose money. But has lost the discipline that should have for gamblers as well. Although some players may rejoice loudly the day after winning a large sum of money. But you might not be lucky the next time if you keep playing mindlessly.

Problem gamblers are considered to fall into other categories and should be placed in the category of people who should be treated rather than normal players focusing on recreational play. Some people who play self-destruct are considered sick.

Decent manageable excitement There are two ways to know whether to bet more or not. Or should I stop and go home?

Gambled and returned home with a broken heart.


You are in your car, taxi, train, plane to get home from a bad day or continue your visit to the casino. You lost and played a lot. and thought to myself that “I shouldn’t have come to the casino at all. So bad. What did I do?”

if this happens It would be because the bet is overpowered. It is also in the period when the luck is not very good. The goddess of fortune does not take sides. Even though you yourself hope to win some But it’s not what you think.

People who do not consider themselves gambling may have set their betting limits high and are not prepared to play.

dealing with risks in gambling in casinos



I would like to compare this with that There was a friend of mine who decided to invest money in the stock market. His investment advisor asked him what kind of risk he was willing to take and how he could handle it. My friend thinks that he has a chance to make more money at a higher risk. He replied, “I can handle the risks, no problem!”

I guess he envisioned a high-risk investment that would pay huge sums and even though his mouth said he could handle the risk But in reality he couldn’t. Reality is often the hardest thing for all of us.

While most investors know that American stock markets can go into losses on occasion, and individuals with high-risk investments may shake their heads and hope they will tolerate it when investing. of them fell Actually, my friend couldn’t take the risks he thought he could take. because when stocks fall rapidly Just by looking at his pale face, one could understand that he had never imagined that he would waste such a huge amount of money. He overestimated himself.

You see, he thinks he can take risks. But when bad times come true and it’s not just a theory, it’s a cruel reality. And he wasn’t prepared to deal with it.

I think it’s true that most people think they can take more risks than they actually can. That also applies to many casino gamblers as well.

So remember this rule. You may not be able to take the risks you believe you can take. Stay calm if you think you can take the bets. 500[km per 1 roulette spin, you may need to consider reducing that amount to 250 baht or 100 baht instead.

[The excitement that can be handled must also be determined by managing the total bet amount during the specified period. It’s not just your minimum bet, it’s the total loss you can deal with. You may be able to deal with a bet of 250 baht, but if you lose your bet, it’s definitely not just 250 baht, so you have to think about how much total lost balance you can accept. And remember, do not overestimate yourself because it may not be what you dreamed!]

Just go home and be a little sad.

Let me use the same situation as used above: You are heading home from the casino after a bad game. I feel a little sad that I didn’t win. But next time might win If not counting the money already lost You still have a good home. did not return home sadly

Even like our players in the first scenario, instead of losing an arm or a leg or a shirt or a purse, you only have one fingernail clipped. Even though it’s sad, it doesn’t affect your life or your mood much. You won’t curl up when you come home lamenting the loss. You’re sad, but you haven’t lost everything here.

If this is your reaction to bad luck, it’s not a big deal. you can manage yourself Manage your betting levels and manage your emotions. And that was the manageable excitement the captain was talking about.

Casino gambling system


Gambling systems can be fun to play. If players still feel that the system is not too biased. (I’ve covered a lot of the system in several articles and guides for the site and I’ll be covering more in the future.) The system will provide players with a basic approach to random game or game mechanics. Where the casino has placed an advantage that is obtained by reducing the return

But is it possible that the betting system will give the player an advantage over the dealer? There’s no way there’s only an advantage that players can actually play by themselves that very few players can. The system is just a way for people to play the game. Players must think for themselves how they should continue playing.

So let’s say you’ve found a system that you enjoy playing. It is much easier to decide than randomly guessing the possibilities to win. The result is “the reasoning there” and then you keep betting on “this and that”.

Is this good for casino players? No, but for most players it’s a bit better. If anything happens, they still have a way to go. “If so I will do this.”

There are always problems with most systems. Since the system calls for more bets when you lose a few or more eyes in a row (think Martingale), this way of playing is a complete disaster. You may initially bet the manageable amount. But suddenly the system tells you, “Bet a lot!” but this amount is too high for you. and you start to sweat

One simple solution is to If you start to sweat, you are betting too much. It’s a bad sign that you should take a break and reflect on how much you can bet and really think about the need for it UFABET .