Bernardo admits to parting ways with Man City

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Manchester City’s Portuguese midfielder Bernardo Silva admits he was close to parting ways with Manchester City after an unhappy start during the coronavirus pandemic, but things are getting better and choosing to stay with him. Manchester City next

With great performances at Manchester City, Bernardo Silva has attracted the attention of many of the top teams in Europe. But it is Manchester City who insist that there will be no release of key players. Leaving the team decisively. Although there are satisfactory offers into consideration. But over the years the news of Bernardo Silva’s transfer has started to come out continuously because it is Bernardo Sil. Wa who began to be very unhappy with Manchester City.

Bernardo Silva revealed that with the devastating coronavirus pandemic. England’s lockdown announcement, he felt isolated and unhappy before the situation was resolved. Bernardo Silva said in an interview: I felt very isolated because I hardly met anyone after being unable to travel and no football matches made me feel so bad that I immediately spoke to the Manchester City Board of Directors.”

The main reason I wanted to part ways with Manchester City. Because I wanted to be close to my family. It was normal when you weren’t happy it didn’t work very well. But after everything settled down for me. Began to be happy and ready to play for the ยูฟ่าเบท club I love. Manchester City again, the news of the transfer immediately quieted down and now I’m ready to give my best to Manchester City. To be successful in the 2021/22 season.