8 Major Mistakes Gamblers Make in Casinos

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All gamblers have made mistakes. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve made a mistake in a casino near Thailand. It can be considered as a mistake once in the UFABET world that has it all. Because playing in a casino is like opening a door. “Do stupid things” until you have to ask yourself, “What did I do?”

So, today I’m going to talk about 8 big mistakes players make in casinos that you should avoid. Some people may have missed one or two of them all. or in the worst case Maybe you’ve done all of these things.


Error 1 – Play and continue playing until you forget that you may have failed.

You’re on fire and don’t want to lose. You stumble upon a roulette table and place a bet on James Bond’s number 17 and it’s the number that wins you 35 times your bet. Then moved to the crap table. Bet on 6 and of course the result comes out 6 as well, then you grab your winnings and walk to the blackjack table to play it for the first time.

You’re having a wonderful night of winning bets all day as if dating the daughter of fortune all day and dating her twin sister, the Lady of Destiny all night. But….forgot something? nothing This beautiful couple can’t be exact. They’re ready to knock you down at any moment while you forget you think you’re invincible.

So if you keep throwing money away, there may be times when the game flips and the fun ends. to prevent these things from happening. It’s easy, that is , money management when gambling. Let’s say you made 500, keep 300 and set it to “I will never spend this 300.”

Most players will fall into the abyss because they forget that we are not always lucky.

Error 2 – Continues to bet even after consecutive losses.

This is the opposite of “playing and playing until you forget that you may have played” or it is also called. “I have always played badly, but I still hope that next time I will be able to play.”

If you can play back a bit (Or will win at about one or a lot of bets.) Don’t be fooled into adding more bets just to hurry and get your lost money back. Always thought that the casino would have The house edge in every bet is a draw, so increasing your stake is like adding the amount you are willing to lose to the house edge at any time.

The player who made the worst mistake was the one who lost it and thought he could play next time. Theoretically, it must be like that. But that’s after you’ve spent so much money that you won’t get back the same amount.

So if you’ve already lost a lot You have two options: stop playing or play with a smaller bet, but it’s actually better to “stop playing”.

Mistake 3 – Don’t Rollover or Martingale

You probably know this technique. And you may have imagined that you could bet on rollovers. It’s just a simple logic when you want to win a lot of money quickly or get your money back after a few losing streaks. So I put it in a compounding form until I can play.

Which is considered a one-off, bet 5 baht and then lose So increase the bet to 10 baht in the next round. If you win, you will get 10 baht. It is considered that 5 baht is 5 baht that was lost in the previous round. Another 5 baht is the money back played in this round.

Wow! Every casino game has an infinite maximum bet. So, let’s take an example, the maximum bet is 500 baht and the first bet is 5 baht. What happens is

times betamount of depositAmount if lostTotal amount if lost
the first time555
the second time101015
the third time202035
the fourth time404075
fifth time8080155
sixth time160160315
the seventh320320615
Eighth timeCannot bet more than 500 baht0615
Total of 7 losing rollovers615 baht

It can be seen that the 8th bet cannot be rolled over because the bet amount will exceed the table limit!

Most of the people reading this article will have lost their bets seven times many times. When making rollover bets, you have to increase your stake a lot in order to win. Unbelievable that from only 5 baht bet!


Mistake 4 – You can lose a lot of money if you ignore the house edge.

Many players do not know What is the house edge? They bet as if intentionally sending a check to the casino and telling them to take it “raising money”.

If you play a game where the house edge is 5 percent, you may lose 5 baht for every 100 baht bet. If you bet on the pass line in a Crap game, you may end up losing 1.41 baht for every 100 baht. And if betting on point 7 will lose 16.67 baht per 100 baht that goes down, if playing American roulette will lose 5.26 baht per 100 baht bet, which you can probably imagine.

So, you need to know how much you’ll lose if you lose in that game. It would be similar to sticking its head into the mouth of a large thing.

roulette wheel

Mistake 5 – Ignoring game speed is bad too.

The house edge may be important. But the speed of each game is also an important secondary factor. Because that means the number of times a bet has to be decided in an hour. Therefore, players should understand this point as well.

Roulette is a slow game. May have to bet up to 40 times an hour While mini baccarat is a fast game with 150-200 bets per hour. Although mini baccarat has a low house edge in betting only the dealer wins or the player wins. But that doesn’t mean that you always bet and win. Having to bet 200 times in an hour, even if the house edge is only 1 percent, is still a risk.

Blackjack, if played alone with the card dealer, is a fast-paced game. And if people are fully seated at one table, the game speed is reduced to medium fast. Crap games can be slow, medium or fast depending on the bet amount and bet type.


Mistake 6 – A friend who doesn’t think should only be invited to dinner.

It would be nice to have friends who play casino happily together. But if that friend is a person who bets without thinking It would be better not to sit at a table with that person. Why?

Because humans tend to imitate people around them without realizing it, even if it is a small matter. If your friend likes to bet like crazy. There is a chance that we will follow without knowing it. Always be careful when playing at the casino. No one can resist the glamor of the game. We could be the Sampson waiting for Delilah.

Mistake 7 – Don’t be stubborn!

In this 1950s American sitcom, Honeymooners illustrated the philosophy of life that we all should have when in a casino — and that philosophy is to be friendly but not talk too much about other people.

Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason) shows it well when he talks about his mother-in-law, who is busy with folklore: “She’s a talkative! A chatter!” And he himself admitted that he was “a talkative man! Big mouth!”

In short, you don’t have to teach anyone. Even if someone is willing to pay to tell But if someone asks how to play blackjack or which dice to bet on? I should advise them to ask the dealer because they “Be an expert”


Mistake 8 – Don’t Show Off When You Can Play

Anyone would want people to know how great they are. But casino gamblers, especially those who gambled, wouldn’t want to know that the goddess of fortune is on your side tonight. So if someone doesn’t know how you can do it. Just say “okay” or “just flutter” but don’t brag.